Ask Erin

For a free consultation, more information, or to schedule your new look, please call, email or leave a comment below:

 Erin (Goss) Meier, CMM

Erin (Goss) Meier, CMM

Erin is the owner of Permanently Perfect Cosmetics, LLC


The Chiropractic Center

(Downtown N.E. Corner of Square)

102 W. Randolph
Enid, OK 73701

Hours: Thursday-Friday by Appointment

Terrell Clinic

5025 Gaillardia Corporate Place, Suite E
Oklahoma City, OK 73142

Hours: Monday-Wednesday by Appointment

9 responses to “Ask Erin

  1. Stephanie Jantz

    Hi Erin. I have been wanting to get my eyes done. I was wondering if you still held appointments in Enid and where since the Chiro Center is no longer at the address that is listed on your website. Please emaile at the above address. Thanks!

  2. Kelly Bonine

    I’d like to schedule a consultation for permanent lip color. Please let me know what you have available. Thank you!

    Kelly Bonine

  3. Margaret E Kutz

    What would the cost be to have eyebrows, eyeliner and lips done? Thands Margaret

  4. Angel Bradshaw

    I would like to know the price for upper and lower eyeliner

  5. augustina martinez

    I need to see what i have to have ready to get eye liner and eye brows done…

  6. Marla Cline

    Do you do any procedures that laser off fat in the thighs and abdomen?

  7. Jennifer Hiller

    Heidi Ginder referred me. Her eyes look amazing. Need to get an estimate for eyeliner and lip liner. And make an appointment.


  8. Jacqueline Reynolds

    Hi Erin, I am looking to get my eyebrows done. Do you have a set price or does it vary? Also, if I did my eyebrows and eyeliner together what would be the price be (if you could give me an estimate?)

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